Tomales Point

I wanted to film the tule elk at the Tule Elk Preserve in Point Reyes National Seashore. Claire agreed to come along, and we completed (most of) the 9.5 mile out-and-back trail to Tomales Point. The hike itself was quite windy and a bit cold, but I was actually prepared this time with a light jacket and a windbreaker. It was also way more difficult than I was expecting for a relatively flat trail, mainly because I was carrying my large backpack (full of camera gear) for the first time in years, and it hits my glutes in a different way.

We ended up having some great sightings of a two different elk herds. Although I hadn’t considered it, it seems we showed up in the peak of wildflower season, as many parts of the trail were absolutely covered in various pastel colored wildflowers. It was a great chance to also film some landscapes and birds fluttering around the flowers. The last half mile or so of the trail was so overgrown with flowers that we decided to turn back before reaching the very tip of Tomales Point, although we got far enough for a good view of the point and the bay, which we could see all the way across to my typical kayak launch point for Bodega Bay.

After the hike we were both very tired and hungry. We stopped at the Tap Room in Inverness for a very good dinner and a local draft beer.

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